Thursday, May 1, 2014

Everyday in the Month of May

I decided today that I would take on a personal challenge for the month of May. It all started when I joined a photo group on facebook where they give a prompt every week and you take a photo based on that. It was great to feel inspired with my photography again! So I was thinking it was time to take on a challenge but not one as daunting as a 365. I ended up decided to call my challenge "Every day for the Month of May"... I am going to leave it open as "do something creative every day" for the whole month. One day I may take a photo, while the next I may create mail art or do a collage. I wanted to do 2 separate ones actually. One with a photo a day and one with some art every day, but with the season starting and working on getting things ready for the summer around here, I didn't want to bite off more than I could chew. Knowing me, I will probably still try! :) Today so far, I've taken a few photos, and I plan on working on a postcard this evening yet.. so who knows?? ... :) 


Here are three postcards I made from the Masterboard I added yesterday. Two are for sender's choice swaps on Swapbot and one is for a swap from my Facebook mailart group. I have 6 more pieces left to turn into mail art postcards over the next while. :)

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