Saturday, May 3, 2014

Everday in the Month of May, days 1, 2, and 3.

 So, I have managed to get photos for the first 3 days of May so far. I have even managed to do                                                    something arty for those same 3 days! Yea, me. haha!
                            The photo I took on May 1 is of some reeds at the edge of the lake ...

The photo for May 2 is of a leaf floating on the water. Last night we got home from town just in time for me to go out and find something before it got too dark. We had high hopes that the lake would be ice free when we got home, but it was not the case. The ice is shrinking every day and in the bay here its only a sheet floating in the middle area, but out in the open water, the ice still appears much thicker. 

The photo for today, May 3, is one of this poor little hummer sitting on my deck railing in our freak snowstorm we woke up to. My first sighting of the little birds arriving was actually May 1... I suspect he is thinking he came too early. :) 

Incidentally, I also made a collage postcard on the 1st, started working on a spring themed 4x4 artist tile on the 2nd, (will finish that tomorrow) and did my first 2 page spread on my altered book (new project) today. I will be posting those things next time.. along with whatever else I manage to do in the meantime. I hope your having a great weekend! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Everyday in the Month of May

I decided today that I would take on a personal challenge for the month of May. It all started when I joined a photo group on facebook where they give a prompt every week and you take a photo based on that. It was great to feel inspired with my photography again! So I was thinking it was time to take on a challenge but not one as daunting as a 365. I ended up decided to call my challenge "Every day for the Month of May"... I am going to leave it open as "do something creative every day" for the whole month. One day I may take a photo, while the next I may create mail art or do a collage. I wanted to do 2 separate ones actually. One with a photo a day and one with some art every day, but with the season starting and working on getting things ready for the summer around here, I didn't want to bite off more than I could chew. Knowing me, I will probably still try! :) Today so far, I've taken a few photos, and I plan on working on a postcard this evening yet.. so who knows?? ... :) 


Here are three postcards I made from the Masterboard I added yesterday. Two are for sender's choice swaps on Swapbot and one is for a swap from my Facebook mailart group. I have 6 more pieces left to turn into mail art postcards over the next while. :)