Saturday, May 3, 2014

Everday in the Month of May, days 1, 2, and 3.

 So, I have managed to get photos for the first 3 days of May so far. I have even managed to do                                                    something arty for those same 3 days! Yea, me. haha!
                            The photo I took on May 1 is of some reeds at the edge of the lake ...

The photo for May 2 is of a leaf floating on the water. Last night we got home from town just in time for me to go out and find something before it got too dark. We had high hopes that the lake would be ice free when we got home, but it was not the case. The ice is shrinking every day and in the bay here its only a sheet floating in the middle area, but out in the open water, the ice still appears much thicker. 

The photo for today, May 3, is one of this poor little hummer sitting on my deck railing in our freak snowstorm we woke up to. My first sighting of the little birds arriving was actually May 1... I suspect he is thinking he came too early. :) 

Incidentally, I also made a collage postcard on the 1st, started working on a spring themed 4x4 artist tile on the 2nd, (will finish that tomorrow) and did my first 2 page spread on my altered book (new project) today. I will be posting those things next time.. along with whatever else I manage to do in the meantime. I hope your having a great weekend! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Everyday in the Month of May

I decided today that I would take on a personal challenge for the month of May. It all started when I joined a photo group on facebook where they give a prompt every week and you take a photo based on that. It was great to feel inspired with my photography again! So I was thinking it was time to take on a challenge but not one as daunting as a 365. I ended up decided to call my challenge "Every day for the Month of May"... I am going to leave it open as "do something creative every day" for the whole month. One day I may take a photo, while the next I may create mail art or do a collage. I wanted to do 2 separate ones actually. One with a photo a day and one with some art every day, but with the season starting and working on getting things ready for the summer around here, I didn't want to bite off more than I could chew. Knowing me, I will probably still try! :) Today so far, I've taken a few photos, and I plan on working on a postcard this evening yet.. so who knows?? ... :) 


Here are three postcards I made from the Masterboard I added yesterday. Two are for sender's choice swaps on Swapbot and one is for a swap from my Facebook mailart group. I have 6 more pieces left to turn into mail art postcards over the next while. :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Making of a Master (Masterboard that is)

So over this past weekend, I found a large piece of cardboard that made up the backing of a stack of large pull off area maps. These maps measure roughly the size of a piece of posterboard, so my immediate thought was ah ha.. a Masterboard! I grabbed my rather large bin of bits and pieces and started madly gluing this and that here and there. What I ended up with looked like this.

After gluing enough bits down to make a large dent in my scrap stash, I coated it all with a coat of gesso resulting in this. 

At this point, I felt a bit skeptical but kept at it nonetheless. The bits did add a nice texture and depth though. I grabbed some various book pages, maps from an old atlas and even some music pages and got the Gelli plate and painted using bubble wrap and other things to give some pattern to the painting. At times during my painting, I would run the brayer over the gesso on the board, or clean my bubble wrap off on it, and even flipped my Gelli plate over here and there to clean it off of excess paint. 

After coating the result with a light coating of gesso again,

I ripped and cut the painted pages into various shapes and glued them down in random order all over top the board. Then I added more paint in random places, stamped paint with a rubber stamp and bottle cap. 

and we have this 

Another light coating of gesso to tone things down a bit...

More paint and some rubber stamping.. 

 another light coating of gesso..

A final bit of paint, some ink and some stamping. Some detail added with a Pitt pen..

Finally, I cut the whole sheet up to make 9 postcard backgrounds. 

3 postcards made from these got mailed today but I did get pics so I will add those tomorrow! I hope everyone had a creative weekend! 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What's in a Name

Names are funny things. I have struggled with finding a name for this blog that rings true with me. I have seen so many blogs that have these awesome names and I always wonder how they came up with them. Most of the time, the story is as great as the name itself! I feel storyless!
There is this great coffee house in Kamloops BC called, The Art We Are. At first, I thought, what a strange name.. But then I got it! It's such a cool place too. It's a mishmash of mixed styles of tables with unmatched chairs. The walls are covered in art in every form from stained glass and mosaics, to mixed media and sketches and paintings. One wall is a floor to ceiling brick wall with 100s of tiny folded notes crammed in to various nooks and crevices. I find myself wanting to pull out some and read them, but I don't. It would feel like such an invasion somehow. Maybe there is nothing written on them, but I suspect that is not the case. In fact, I'm somehow sure of it. An artists wailing wall perhaps. There are also shelves of other arts such as handmade cards, fiber arts, pottery, etc for sale. All the art is for sale! On weekend evenings, there is often live music too, although I'm never there for that.. I wish I was. As soon as you walk in, the essence of the place surrounds you and there it is.. The name makes perfect sense.
I want a name for my blog like that name! I want to come up with a name that makes it make sense and invites all who stumble on it or come deliberately, to see it, and feel that it makes sense. Something tells me that it will be a case that goes something like when you bring a new pet home.. You have to watch it for a while and see its personality before you can give it a handle that fits. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Finally! A New Blog Post!

Wow! I have neglected this blog big time! I guess I had better either start posting or give up altogether! I have so many ideas for this blog but until I can get it together enough to at least post at somewhat regular intervals, those ideas just continue to percolate in my head. ;)

A couple of my recent send outs. :) One is for a swap at Swapbot and the other is a forum tag also at Swapbot. The blue bird at the top is an envelope which also incloses a couple of goodies. The other is a postcard.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


I'm so far behind, I think I'm first! I suppose the point to having a blog is to actually add stuff to it. haha! Well, I am determined to not let this just die, so I'm giving it another shot. In order to catch up somewhat, I'm going to add a couple of images at a time with an older piece and a newer one at the same time. Eventually, I'll get caught up. .. at least I hope so!
Incidentally, the piece in the first post (red index card collage) is available for trade if anyone is interested. :)

This first piece (#2) is one from back in November... a collaged piece (sent for a Swapbot swap) on another 4x6 index card. This is made of a couple of magazine cutouts, a label from some cheap washi tape, a piece of Gelli plate painted paper, an inventory supply paper, a sticker, some stamping and ink.


This piece below (#37) is a more recent one from another Swapbot swap. Made of Gelli plate painted papers, a train ticket from Germany, a magazine cutout, some cut out painted circles, washi tape, paint, ink, invoice paper, scrapbook paper, and a fish cutout from a discarded fish identification book.


I have received some amazing pieces lately as well. I will post some pics of those soon too! I love happy mail!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Begin at the Beginning

I've looked at so many blogs and they always leave me wanting to do my own, so here goes!

I recently started working on a 365 mail art project that includes such things as altered index cards, collaged and mixed media postcards, ATC's, inchies, and so on. My first piece is an altered index card that hasn't got a destination as of yet.. :) I found a few links to some cool journals made with index cards and so on and once I figure out how this works, I'll post those links.. :)